Me GravatarMichael White is a professional nerd. By day he masquerades as a literature geek, molding young high-school minds and showing kids the cool in reading. Beneath the shirt and tie lies his true persona: geek.

Michael was born to rid the world of internet evil and defend geeks all over the univerise from misinformation and boring weekends at home. Armed with more than a dozen lightsaber replicas, a mental library of comic knowledge and a proclivity for investigating new and interesting topics in geekdom, Michael intends to avenge, defend, promote justice, and inform readers.

With one foot in the world of geek culture and another in popular culture, Geek is the New Pop provides a new perspective on nerd living in the 2010’s. Regular updates include Warhammer model pictorials, Dungeons & Dragons tutorials, ComicQuest employee interviews, and action figure discussions. All the while, Geek is the New Pop makes sure that every post helps to remove the exclusivity surrounding geek culture. Everyone is a geek about something.

Geek is the New Pop is the blog geek culture deserves, but not the one it needs right now. (Wait, that doesn’t work.) With Geek is the New Pop, comes great responsibility. (That’s weird too.) If a borrowed catchphrase won’t work, maybe hyperbole will: Geek is the New Pop will save the universe. ‘Nuff said.


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