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The Future is Now

29 Apr




As a geek, naturally I’m fascinated with the future. I love that I have no idea what kind of technology the world will come up with next, but I also love that science can give us a pretty good guess. The picture above is a link to a website called It allows users to write an email to themselves to be delivered some time in the near or distant future. The idea is fascinating. Give it a try.



On a quest to find Dungeons and Dragons?

21 Apr

I recently set foot into the ridiculously dense world of Dungeons and Dragons with a few friends of mine, and I’m hooked! I simply want to consume everything I can about the fantasy-based board game. To do that, however, I need the perfect reading material. I decided to make a map for the blog about all the places in Evansville where I was able to find D&D products.

Check it out:

A Look at HorrorHound Weekend 2013 (Storify)

15 Apr

One of the best weekends I had last summer was attending the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis. In March, HorrorHound had another Horror convention in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I was able to put together a Storify to sum up the weekend’s events.

Click the link to heck it out:

HorrorHound Weekend Storify

Linguistics and Star Wars

10 Apr

This post is not Evansville-centric.

Since the release of the news about the upcoming Star Wars movies, I thought it would be proper to rediscover the post-film Star Wars novels; in particular, the Heir to the Empire Trilogy by Timothy Zahn.

I want to share a beautifully geeky post I came across today about the pronunciation of a creature from the novels called an ysalamari. Every day, on the side, I like to teach English. This can be particularly geeky, because it allows me time to talk about words. During silent reading in class today, I read about the ysalamari in the book Heir to the Empire, and couldn’t tell exactly how to pronounce the word. A Google search produced excellent results.

Click the link below:


A Conversation on WARHAMMER with Jon Gehlhausen

8 Apr

I recently spoke to a friend of mine; a talented artist and board game geek named Jon Gehlhausen. He showed me some models he was working on, and talked about some of the tournaments he’s been involved with for a game called WARHAMMER.

See the video below:

Jacob Scheller: Movie Geek

7 Apr

A friend of mine from work is a movie geek. I talked to him a bit at work about his movie obsession and event got him to answer a few questions during a movie night.


Thanks to:

-Jacob Scheller

Showplace Cinemas East for the background.

Obsessive Friends: A Farewell to Roger Ebert by Mike White

5 Apr

I’ve wanted to write a guest feature on my friend’s blog, The Obsessive Viewer, since it launched.

Yesterday, after the passing of a personal hero of mine, Viewer asked me to write a piece about Roger Ebert for his blog. Here’s a link:

Obsessive Friends: A Farewell to Roger Ebert by Mike White.