Bargain Bin Comics

27 Mar


One of my favorite geek locations in Evansville is Traderbakers on Diamond. While they specialize in DVDs, blu-ray, music, and books, they also have a pretty excellent selection of secondhand collectibles including toys and comics.

I found this particular lot of comics yesterday afternoon.

The comic on top is a Savage Dragon #1, which is hard to find. I found a Meteor Man #1, which probably has very little value besides nostalgia, and issue of Irredeemable, which is a book that has caught my interest quite a bit lately, but the majority of the twelve books I bought are early Guardians of the Galaxy books. I have no idea what kind of value these have, and I can’t imagine it’s much right now. I figured, however, that with the new movie opening next summer, these might increase in value. If not, they’re still a neat little piece of comic history.

The best part? The entire lot cost me less than ten bucks. I wish I could say the same for the new releases out today!


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