New Comic Book Day: March 6th, 2013

6 Mar

Every Wednesday across the country is New Comic Book Day. My capitalization of the name is probably a bit rambunctious considering it isn’t a holiday and it happens every Wednesday, but for Geeks, it certainly feels holy. It’s a new day to acquire a new collectible piece of art or continue a story arc the conclusion of which you’ve been dying to read.

While there are many places in town to buy comics, Evansville has a two specific local comic shops that I’ll feature in future blog posts. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but my personal favorite is Comic Quest on Morgan Avenue. It’s a much larger store and thus has a significantly larger selection of new books every week. So making sure a new book is in your personal pull folder is rarely an issue. Additionally, I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know some of the employees, so every Wednesday is a chance for me to get together with some like-minded individuals and discuss comics.

On this blog, every Wednesday should also be New Comic Day, in which I will highlight two or three of the books I’m excited about reading. All of which are available at Comic Quest in Evansville.

Here are my comic picks for Wednesday, March 06, 2013:

All New X-Men #8



In the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men last year, the X-books splintered into seemingly a billion different books. This one is without a doubt my favorite. Initially, it was the supplement book for the defunct Uncanny X-Men. (Recently Uncanny has returned, it’s also good.) The story so far is that the young X-Men from the past have been transported to our current timeline to help stop current timeline Cyclops from doing any further destruction than he’s already done, (like killing the X-Men’s beloved Charles Xavier.) I love time-travel stuff, and the concept of this comic is one of my favorites in any X-title I can remember.


Although Bendis is a comic-god in most circles, I don’t know that I’d ever put him at the top of my favorites list. He has a tendency for slow burning stories in a medium that needs quick action often. This book is no different. I’m waiting to see what the young X-Men are actually going to do. Issue #8 seems like the perfect place to start. It’s why I’m so excited about this one.


Superior Spider-Man #5

Written by DAN SLOTT



I won’t spend much time rehashing the details of how Dr. Octavius became Spider-Man, but I will say I was very resistant to the idea. So far Superior Spider-Man (in the wake of the end of Amazing Spider-man) has been excellent. While it did reveal the Peter Parker ghost a little too quickly, the stories are now very interesting.

This issue should be a doosie of a follow-up to last month’s issue. The very last page revealed Spidey’s “other” arch-nemesis, The Green Goblin, has returned. This issue, if it maintains the level of quality already established, should be stellar.

A word about the art: I love it. Superior Spider-Man employs a trio of artists, Camanculi, Ryan Stegman, and Umberto Ramos, who rotate art duties monthly. While Stegman is my favorite, all three give Spider-Man the best look he’s had in years. The current incarnation of Web-head really conveys the limber nature of a man with spider powers. He’s lean and fast, and the art shows it. The supporting cast is also well drawn. Even the women lack the certain bodaciousness with which other artists tend to draw them – it’s appreciated.

Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH


Again, I don’t claim to be a Bendis fanboy, but he is certainly everywhere. Anyway, I think the less I say about Age of Ultron the better. That’s mostly because I knew very little about it. I actually come into this title with very little excitement. It feels like an in-between Marvel event similar to Fear Itself in early 2011. Bendis has teased that no one will see the ending coming, and that interests me enough to at least pick up this issue. More than anything, I love Hitch’s covers.


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