A New Hope (for this blog)

14 May

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed maintaining this blog since February, I’ve had a bit of a restriction. The focus of the blog has been on geek things in Evansville. I do believe that Evansville has some great geek culture, but there isn’t enough to blog about often.

That said, I’ve decided to drop the strict “Evansville-centricity” of Geek is the New Pop. From now on, the blog will be about all things geek throughout the universe.

I can’t wait. Stay tuned for more.


May the Fourth be with You and Free Comic Book Day

5 May

May the Fourth be with You and Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 4th, 2013 marked an ultimate day for nerds. FCBD and Star Wars Day. Read on!

  1. Saturday, May 4th, 2013 marked an ultimate day for nerds. Free comic book day takes place on the first Saturday in May every year. Comic shops around the country hold special events and companies produce limited/special edition FREE comics for the masses. This year, the first Saturday in May fell on the 4th, which happened to be an unofficial, but universally recognized Star Wars day for fans. (Named as such because May the 4th sounds like May the force…be with you.) Here are some reactions to the geek fest!

  2. Comic Quest Evansville owner Monti poses with a cosplayer.
  3. The weather wasn’t pretty, but Evansvillians lined up an hour before the doors opened to make sure they get all the free issues they want. Comic Quest featured several Star Wars characters in honor of Star Wars Day. Here, a Stormtrooper poses with some sort of ninja child.
  4. Twitter was filled, on Saturday, with pics of all the different books collectors gathered throughout the day FOR FREE!
  5. Comic Quest, along with artists, free comics, and sales, had several raffles and drawings. This particular drawing was for a signed issue of Superior Spider-man signed by Spider-man creator Stan Lee.
  6. Attendees got to meet several published artists including Jason Craig of Evil Ernie and Freddy VS. Jason VS. Ash.
  7. Had a great time with Ness and Alanis at free comic book day,comic quest Evansville. Got to catch up with my buddy Jason a while and nab a couple decent reads….the kids had a ball!Ness wore her PAUL STANLEY costume,sans make up,took some pics with folks and the like.All in all,a great day and Im FEELIN it brotha,lol!
  8. @Freecomicbook everyone should go out and get your free comics and meet some of the people that write/ draw them.
  9. Owner of the local Comics Unlimited also offered free comics and discounts on other comics.
  10. This weekend, May 4&5, COMICS UNLIMITED on Diamond in Evansville will be having a BIG 50% OFF SALE! Also Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
  11. Comic fans east of Evansville could check out their local comic shop in Owensboro to pick up their free books.
  12. It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Free comics, giveaways all day, Iron Man Challenge, adult & kid costume contests, and more! Starts @ 10 am! #fcbd
  13. People weren’t the only cosplayers yesterday. This dog is clearly a fan of Chewbacca, and is excited about Star Wars Day.
  14. One of the most sought after free comics of the day was a Walk Dead one-shot featuring a new story about Tyreese. Walking Dead fans will do anything to get Walking Dead material with new story in it.
  15. On top of everything, Iron Man 3 opened this weekend in the U.S. and made $175 in it’s first three days.

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The Future is Now

29 Apr




As a geek, naturally I’m fascinated with the future. I love that I have no idea what kind of technology the world will come up with next, but I also love that science can give us a pretty good guess. The picture above is a link to a website called futureme.org. It allows users to write an email to themselves to be delivered some time in the near or distant future. The idea is fascinating. Give it a try.


On a quest to find Dungeons and Dragons?

21 Apr

I recently set foot into the ridiculously dense world of Dungeons and Dragons with a few friends of mine, and I’m hooked! I simply want to consume everything I can about the fantasy-based board game. To do that, however, I need the perfect reading material. I decided to make a map for the blog about all the places in Evansville where I was able to find D&D products.

Check it out:

A Look at HorrorHound Weekend 2013 (Storify)

15 Apr

One of the best weekends I had last summer was attending the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis. In March, HorrorHound had another Horror convention in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I was able to put together a Storify to sum up the weekend’s events.

Click the link to heck it out:

HorrorHound Weekend Storify

Linguistics and Star Wars

10 Apr

This post is not Evansville-centric.

Since the release of the news about the upcoming Star Wars movies, I thought it would be proper to rediscover the post-film Star Wars novels; in particular, the Heir to the Empire Trilogy by Timothy Zahn.

I want to share a beautifully geeky post I came across today about the pronunciation of a creature from the novels called an ysalamari. Every day, on the side, I like to teach English. This can be particularly geeky, because it allows me time to talk about words. During silent reading in class today, I read about the ysalamari in the book Heir to the Empire, and couldn’t tell exactly how to pronounce the word. A Google search produced excellent results.

Click the link below:



A Conversation on WARHAMMER with Jon Gehlhausen

8 Apr

I recently spoke to a friend of mine; a talented artist and board game geek named Jon Gehlhausen. He showed me some models he was working on, and talked about some of the tournaments he’s been involved with for a game called WARHAMMER.

See the video below: